To planning, setting-up and operating power plants it is absolutely necessary to use a standardized identification system.

The "Kraftwerk-Kennzeichen-System (KKS)" is such a system.

The engineering of power plants with modern human-engine-communication needs a common language in all sectors of engineering today, like applications in civil, mechanical, electrical and control and instrumentation engineering. Reliability and operational efficiency make more and more higher conditions to the planning, setting-up and operating of power plants.
Increasing plant-power and a higher degree of automation presuppose a powerful increase of technical data and informations.

Summarized the KKS has following assignment:
Standardized identification of all types and processes of power plants enough capacity and possibilities of detail to identificate all systems, components and structures enough possibilities of extension for new technologies continuous identification for planning, approval, setting-up, operating control, maintenance in good order and waste management.
Common application for mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation and civil engineering with simultaneous possibilities to identificate in process-relation, point of installation and location standards of quality control.

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