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Identification System for Power Plants

Seminar info / aims

KKS in power plants
Why do we need identification systems for power plants?
Producer of this KKS
KKS as a common language
Requirements to the identification system
Links between mech., el., control & structural engineering
Process-related requirements
Links during the whole working life
What is to identify?
Overview of the KKS structure
Process-related identification
Exercises for identification species
Identification of units and non-unit-specific in a plant
Two half-duty boilers in one unit
Generators in a two-set tandem-compound turbine plant
Several generator plants in a combined-cycle unit
Feedwater pump turbine
Four emergency diesel generating systems
Example 1 Identification of a pump in a process-related system
Correlation between floor numbers and ranges of elevations
Example 2 to 7
Point of installation identification
Example 8 to 11
Location identification
Two cooling tower structures in one unit
Example 12 Identification of a room in a boiler house
Example 13 Classification of valves in numbering code elements
Example 14 Classification of pipings in numbering code elements
Example 15 Classification of measuring circuits of electric variables in numbering code elements
Example 16 Measuring circuits
Example 17 Designation of electrical equipment
Signal identification
Particular requirements in the electrical and control engineering
Subdistribution boards, bushings
Cable number / cable code
Document code
What kind of identification system does exist?
KKS is the basic-system for the near future
The new RDS-PP / Reference Designation System for Power Plants
Sign and dividing sign for the different types of identification
Construction of breakdown level
Classifying parts of identification system
Legally unchallengeable documentation
Generation of safety-oriented instructions to users
D & O Offences
Code syntax
KKS and SAP, plant structure: implementation in SAP
Technical place / Structuring code / Bill of materials (BOM) / components
Screen shot of “Technical place” in SAP/R3
List of relevant VGB standards

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