Advanced KKS Training for Power Plants Engineering for user and trainer

Seminar: Identification System for Power Plants (KKS)

Participants: Engineers and all employees, who need the knowledge of identification systems in every work and trainer

Target of Seminar:

The general situation in power supply leads to necessary new structures of power plants and also in important quantity to supplementary and reorganized structures in old power plants. Reorganization in sectors of control and electrical engineering enforce generally the necessary process-related identification of parts of plant with "KKS". Over this is "KKS" the basis and necessary condition of further tasks of works management.

It is the target of the seminar to obtain the user knowledge about using KKS assist by the specific application commentaries, to built new identifications (with "KKS") for supplementary and reorganized parts of power plants and to compare "KKS"-determinations of producers with users.


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